Company MIAB is located in the Business zone Podi on a plot with size of 34,300 m2. The company operates in a 4,500 m2 of indoor facilities.

On the market of surface protection for welded stainless steel constructions, we significantly stepped upon years of experience in the construction of various plants made out of stainless steel and dealing with the problems of stainless steel corrosion in a wide range of operating conditions.

In collaboration with the University of Zagreb, we have developed a method for stainless steel treatment in accordance with the latest international standards, and we are proud to say that our method is one of the most effective processes from the standpoint of quality cleaning, while being cost-effective both during construction as well as during operation of the plant.

Through over 20 years of experience in designing and construction of structures and equipment made out of stainless steel, we have acquired know-how related to the issue of protection of stainless steel and have witnessed the importance of high-quality corrosion protection in order to avoid potential maintenance costs and shortened equipment lifetime.

Also, our experience in building and assembly of plants, especially those related to water and air treatment, make us one of the best partners for the design and construction of new plants for this kind of purpose. If we add to our experience knowledge of top scientists at the University of Zagreb, one can easily conclude that our services are an excellent blend of practical experience in the operation and recent scientific developments regarding protection of stainless steel.