While providing our services, special attention is given to sureness component. Performing of all cleaning services is followed by preparation of complete documentation and usage of reliable materials. Also, all services are performed by highly trained personnel, including engineers, and procedures are being agreed with the client’s staff so that the client is always sure of what he gets.

The same goes for construction services where the complete plant is designed according to the client’s needs and in accordance with international and European standards so that client can be absolutely sure that he gets a high quality facility that is very economical in the exploitation phase. Additional security guarantees the fact that our company has its own engineering staff of all professions (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering), which allows as to provide services and solutions to our clients in most effective way. In addition, we are also providing safe delivery of extremely persistent solutions.

All this allows our clients sureness in their operation because they are guaranteed that all services which are entrusted to us are going to be performed in a very professional manner.